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Earth Angel Wishes

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Hi, I’m Kavita

I am an Intuitive Mindset Coach. I help women who are at life’s cross-roads to make their dreams a reality via intuition, mindset work & taking bold action.

I love working with women who are at the cross-roads of their lives, to help them identify their self-imposed limitations, rewire their mindset, tap into their intuition and help them find the confidence and know-how to making their dreams a reality. Read more about me

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Magnificent Morning Momentum


Tapping into Your Intuition

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Akashic Sessions

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Magical Manifestation School with Astrid

Are you curious about the magic of Angels in your life?
Do you want to have a strong connection with them?
And to see how it impacts your manifestation ability?

Would you be interested in having a freewebinar of what this can look like for you?


Working with Kavita opens you to a world of new opportunities and understandings about yourself and your own spiritual journey. I highly recommend working with her to help tap into your intuition (Great course by the way!) and to delve into your Akashic records. Kavita works with you in a very loving and supporting manner without any judgments.

Naomi Barr

With Kavita you get 3 coaches in 1! First and foremost, Kavita has a natural talent for connecting intuitively to Akashic Records and she is able to give insights of clarity from higher planes of your own consciousness. Secondly, with sacred activations, Kavita is able to cut old energy and invitate new things in your life that you want to manifest, and 3rd as a life coach, she can hold for you the space to dive in and discover new perspectives in whatever you are dealing with, and approach things with a more heart-opening and trusting outlook to life! I am very grateful for having Kavita in my life, and helping me to get a positive growing spin!

Zetta Koutsokera

Kavita is lovely! Her energy is beautlful and she is a rather gifted healer. I had a beautlful experience with her and I look forward to many more.

Emily Marie David

I bought the Sacred Activation Package and Kavita did an activation that, based on my situation, fitted me perfectly! I could not have chosen or seen the type of activation I needed, but with Kavita’s beautiful intuition, she was guided to choose the perfect one for me. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, other than I felt that this was something I needed in order to get rid of a few things that were holding me back so I could continue to expand. The feelings of being connected both with the Earth and the Universe was a powerful and strong feeling, and I could feel exactly when the shift occurred! And there was an immediate ease.

The difference it made was to relieve me from the weight of long time contracts, habits and patterns that do not serve me anymore. I feel both lighter, more stable and stronger in my heart, mind and soul! I feel energised and inspired to take action in areas where I’ve had some resistance before. There’s another level of alignment now. I don’t know how this very needed shift could have happened without this activation, but I do know that the outcome is priceless for me!!

I’m so amazed by the activation Kavita did for me! This came to me at the perfect time, I am deeply grateful!!!

Much love,

Anna Vogt