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You have heard about the benefits of meditations, but this is taking it to a whole new level!

Now that I have piqued your curiosity, it's time to experience the magic that Kavita's meditations bring. Now that we are on the same virtual and energetic page, let's do this properly.

It's no accident that you are on this page!
Below, you will find the link to access a free meditation video, where you can witness Kavita being fully present, authentic, gentle and magical. I ask you to tune in and feel if her style resonates with your heart and your core values.

And to ensure that your head is in the game, here are just a few of the soulful & strategic benefits you get to experience:

  • Connect to your intuition and soul's calling
  • Hear your inner guidance, and ​what your heart needs
  • Align with universe magic, to manifest your dream life!
  • Walk forward on your soul-path, the easy, aligned, soulful way
  • Start your days with ​zen, so you can conquer any obstacles in the day, with ease!



Now, if you feel aligned, or curious, here's the amazing thing:  
You CAN get DAILY meditations with Kavita Singh!
(On weekends, you can create your own)

These meditations are tailored to what your soul needs you to know. Here's how it works:
You sign up, with a simple monthly subscription, then you get access to LIVE ZOOM CALLS, and a limited time re-play if you can't make it for the live video call.

Kavita tailors the meditations to align with planetary energy themes, AND the energy of everyone attending the call. Yes you heard right! That's almost like a mini coaching and integration session! You get the perfect meditation theme you need for the day AND the ability to easily integrate your soul-lessons! 

If you can't make it?

No problem, you get a replay - but only within 24 hours, and then it disappears. Why? So that you have gentle but the necessary accountability that you require, to help you really receive the benefit of your commitment to "tuning in to the Divine"!

But what if you miss it?

Kavita is opening a MAGICAL MEDITATION STORE soon. All meditations will be available here too. You get to select the ones you love, buy them and keep them forever.

If you have always wanted to meditate, and have been pussy-footing around saying yes to yourself, this is your chance. The time for this is NOW! 


The meditations with Kavita aren't “just a normal meditation”, in the way I have heard of, or the way I have done meditation before.

Every session was unique and brought amazing value as it was in flow with what both the group and we as individuals needed, each time. 

The meditations brought us deeper and further and higher in our evolution!! I really loved them!!

An​​​​na V Fitness Trainer, Business Coach & Queen of Yumminess


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