​Earth Angel Wishes


​Let's Create Heaven on Earth


We all know your intuition IS the soul of your business and life. It's the magic of life. It helps you to find pathways to possibility that your logical mind could not conceive.

However like everything else, intuition is a muscle you get to strengthen, every single day of your life.  It is able to offer you gems of wisdom as you begin to make peace with your human experience. And you do that by upleveling your awareness and building a better relationship with yourself AND your DIVINE TEAM.

You get real and vulnerable with yourself and the stories you have been telling yourself. You get to revisit your truths over and over again from different categories in your life and really see if they are truly serving you. 

If this is what your soul have been calling you to do, then you are in the right place.


  • ​6 weeks of live group calls to learn and live the concepts ​
  • ​A community of loving supportive soul-sisters who lovingly has your back
  • Access to all replays if you miss a live call


Here is the unique aspect of this program, while you are joining at the specified price point and having lifetime membership, the course in itself is holistic and adapts to the needs of the collective consciousness and the timeline that the program is being run. Essentially, that means no two class is exactly alike.

In a nutshell this program is designed with you learning, growing and expanding in a very holistic and authentic way. It is truly magical! Be prepared to show up and engage knowing that your old patterns and soul blueprint will be revealed to you! This is more than an intuition class

  • ​​LIFETIME ACCESS to attend live, as many times as you like (!)*
  • ​Direct channelled guidance for the specific current themes ​of everyone on the live call

*For as long as the course exists.


The meditations with Kavita aren't “just a normal meditation”, in the way I have heard of, or the way I have done meditation before.

Every session was unique and brought amazing value as it was in flow with what both the group and we as individuals needed, each time. 

The meditations brought us deeper and further and higher in our evolution!! I really loved them!!

An​​​​na V Fitness Trainer, Business Coach & Queen of Yumminess


The terms, the lifetime access, and the pricing of this program may change any time. Kavita creates everything by divine download and as it feels aligned. As she uplevels all the time, this program will get more expensive and may get discontinued at some point.


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