Decluttering the Mind; Stumbling unto the Keys to Success

Today I was inspired to read an article by Matt Khan and the words declutter, purify and re-calibrate made quite an impression on me, based on my real life experiences. Matt talks about an energetic trend that is taking place, during the months May-June-July. It can inspire you to clean up your act or it can work […]

Signs of a Butterfly

“Ahh! You again!” My heart sang as the butterfly danced along an intricately woven path that was placed in thin air, just a few feet from where I stood. I have been too busy in my earlier life to play connect the dots, though it was no fault of my conscious mind. My subconscious beliefs […]

Why Affirmations don't work, and what to do about it

The main reason affirmations don’t work is because they are a giant leap from where your current mindset is. So, when you say it, your cellular intelligence rejects it. It knows that you have some built-in subconscious programming that states otherwise, so automatically the affirmation is rejected. How do you know it is rejected? Well, […]