How you get caught up in the struggle of your business and what can you do about it

People can give me the best advice on something new that I’m percolating in my mind, however because I am standing outside of their experience and I’m not willing to lean into feeling what they are saying then even though I heard them and understood their words, I would have missed the depth of the […]

Take A Leap Of Faith! 5 Easy Steps to Instant Manifestation using the Bathtub/Shower

I used to indulge in sporadic ‘leap-of-faith” moments for the major challenges in my life. That was my old life. My new life asks for courage to face the unknown. To step forward in faith – EVERYDAY! And to do so in small and big situations alike. I cannot move forward in any other aspects of […]

It's Possible to Change Your Life With Your Mental Attitude!

When my father transitioned many years ago, it marked a practical decision to incorporate “spirituality” into all aspects of my life. I became aware of the the work of Ester and Jerry Hicks. It was somewhat difficult to wrap my head around the fact that this group of “like-minded” souls – or rather “consciousness” as […]