Are you waiting for God to reveal your life purpose?

How many times have you sat down, staring blankly through the window, hoping for some confirmation that you are on the right path? Your mind tugs at the opportunity to spit out a series of “What if” questions can either let you soar or trip you up! Given the state of mind you are in, […]

Decluttering the Mind; Stumbling unto the Keys to Success

Today I was inspired to read an article by Matt Khan and the words declutter, purify and re-calibrate made quite an impression on me, based on my real life experiences. Matt talks about an energetic trend that is taking place, during the months May-June-July. It can inspire you to clean up your act or it can work […]

Simple Technique To Get Smarter- Try SuperBrain Yoga

Here is a simple exercise that is being adopted by some teachers across America. They use it  to aid their young students to improve their focus and mental agility in the classroom. This technique is called SuperBrain Yoga and is promoted by the Pranic Healing Centers across the world. It was created by Master Choa […]

It's Possible to Change Your Life With Your Mental Attitude!

When my father transitioned many years ago, it marked a practical decision to incorporate “spirituality” into all aspects of my life. I became aware of the the work of Ester and Jerry Hicks. It was somewhat difficult to wrap my head around the fact that this group of “like-minded” souls – or rather “consciousness” as […]

Signs of a Butterfly

“Ahh! You again!” My heart sang as the butterfly danced along an intricately woven path that was placed in thin air, just a few feet from where I stood. I have been too busy in my earlier life to play connect the dots, though it was no fault of my conscious mind. My subconscious beliefs […]

Why Affirmations don't work, and what to do about it

The main reason affirmations don’t work is because they are a giant leap from where your current mindset is. So, when you say it, your cellular intelligence rejects it. It knows that you have some built-in subconscious programming that states otherwise, so automatically the affirmation is rejected. How do you know it is rejected? Well, […]

Do You Still Complain? And What To Do About It!

I’ve come from a family that complains about everything.  So, I should know much about the causes and effects of complaining. And the trigger points. And how each gender typically responds. I have grown up from this learning ground. In retrospect, I’ve realized I have not quite graduated from the School of Complaints because I’m still […]