Crying My Heart Out With Archangel Michael

Today I was determined to get some of my to-dos done. I was stalling and I wasn’t sure why. I knew I stalled because there is some piece of the puzzle missing and with some tweaking everything falls into place. Or…..because some self-limiting belief has surfaced and wants to make itself known to me! I […]

Hummingbirds and Hearts

One of the fun things that I like to do when I feel like I might give into doubt is, to ask the Universe for a sign to prove that I am on the right path, to continue doing what I am doing. Now here is the thing, I do consider myself very fortunate because […]

My Experience: Getting On The Miracle Frequency Is Easier Than You Think!

Today, I was upset. I realized too that feeling felt foreign for such a simple matter. I also realized it was linked to some feelings of irritability that came up over the weekend. Yes, if I wanted to play the blame game I could justify it on the lack of restful sleep. But, that doesn’t […]

Take A Leap Of Faith! 5 Easy Steps to Instant Manifestation using the Bathtub/Shower

I used to indulge in sporadic ‘leap-of-faith” moments for the major challenges in my life. That was my old life. My new life asks for courage to face the unknown. To step forward in faith – EVERYDAY! And to do so in small and big situations alike. I cannot move forward in any other aspects of […]

Game of Life: Level Up! What now?

I have the most challenging week this week. I cannot remember myself covering the entire emotional scale in one week. It’s exhausting! Click here for a good example of what your EGS looks like. The amazing thing was that as I felt the lower emotional energy, I not only felt the energy constricting in my […]

The Awakening Chronicles: The People-Pleaser is dead!

Many times during my childhood, I have found that I have made people uncomfortable to say the least, when I am being me. And so, I choose to let go of me in an attempt to restore joy to the hearts around me. After many turbulent years, I have realized the only work I have, […]

Upgrade Your Life Using 3D Affirmations

Today, I have decided to change the way I structure my affirmations. I have upgraded it to my personalised version of 3D affirmations (based on the concepts taught by Derek Rydall). Here’s what we will do: We’ll say each affirmation from 3 perspectives – I, You and He/She. I’ll use my name in these examples […]