Why should I Do “The Work”? What does that really mean?

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Many of us shun work. Work is hard. Painful. Messy. Not always productive. Or fun.

Yet it seems to be the one thing that shows up, like a nosy neighbor, over and over again, in each of our lives!


What is work anyway? Why do we NEED to do it?

Questions that hold obvious answers, but pause for a moment. Is the answer that you are thinking, really true?


For many of you, your instant thought-reaction would have been, “Well! I gotta make money! I got to put food on the table. I gotta take care of my family. I gotta LIVE!”


But wait. I was asking about “doing the work” as it relates to every single living human being on the planet. From the cute babies all the way up to the wise great-grandparent in our community.


Hmmm. What is work? Why do we need to do it?

Here is what I heard from guidance today.


“Work” allows us to see value. To appreciate. When we can do that easily and naturally (like breathing), it no longer feels like work. It becomes play! Joyful! Then we truly harness the power of our creativity IN our work, and actively live all the values we treasure in life. A baby finding reasons to be amused and giggle is the “work”. You channelling your passion into a creative forum so that the world is better because of it, is “work”.


You see, this is when the magic happens! When we are busy expressing ourselves from a place of authenticity and truth. Then we remove the limitations that we might have imposed on abundance. It no longer needs to bend itself into a pretzel, to fit the container that you decide would be the only way you are deserving of abundance.


Instead, you now allow abundance to show up in many forms. Unexpected gifts and treats. A promotion –  if we are in the corporate environment. Simply put, abundance shows up as “opportunities to BE more of yourself in MORE spaces”.


With that being said, I’m curious.

What is your “work” and how is abundance showing up in your life?

I’d love to hear from you so do comment below this article.


I trust that this blog has been helpful.

Wishing you all an amazing day!


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Change is our Friend

I love that we all have clarity about the importance of change.
But what happens when the change actually shows up in our lives?
When it knocks on your door?
Or just comes like a bulldozer and runs you over?

We want to welcome change.
To treat it like an honored guest then send it on its merry way.

But here is where we miss the point.
We are not here to serve change.

And so to prep us for the gifts that come with change, change likes to show up unannounced. Or in disguise. It loves to play the game of illusion.

When we INTEND and KNOW that change is always for our highest good (and for the highest good of all concerned) then we can drop the game that our ego wants to play. We no longer need to project the worse, or worry about things that never actually happened or will ever happen.

We move into a space of actually taking one step after the other.

And exploring your choices and your resistance to making different choices because of the change that is happening in your life. What that essentially means is that your life no longer falls apart, but falls into place. It comes together connecting your purpose, and mission, with your vision, heart and mindset. You become one with all parts of you.

You are realigned
For your greater good

Because sometimes if we were previewed to all the details of our path before we took a step, we may back down in fear, thinking we could never do that!
And besides, a movie is no fun when you see the “spoilers”
But….you should know enough to know if the movie is worth watching.

Here is where your intuition guides you when you are in the space of uncertainty.
You know when you know (other than that, you know that you don’t know)
Each moment of your life is meant to be used to ride a particular energy wave.
To know when to actively create or do something
When to release it to the Universe
And when you are called to tweak it again

This is me, summarizing the gift and awareness when embracing change.
I’d love to hear what was your take-away!

And since money is a key component in how you process change. Here is my gift to you. click here to download my free money affirmations video that you can use daily to drop the resistance you have around attracting more money into your reality.

Much love and blessings,

The Faces We Choose & Why Feeling Is Everything

When we decided to be here, we came as pure light.
Full of Love and Joy.
And Brilliance.

Then we learnt about the veil of fear.

And we bought it.

Curiously we entered the rabbit hole. And almost immediately we begin to buy the fear-monger stories. They were exciting mind-adventures, until we began to believe them and they began to become real.

We started to wear various faces to mirror what we truly feel or to desperately hide our feelings. Ultimately we knew, all feelings and expressions stem from love or fear. It is a choice. But we felt powerless in making that choice. It was daunting to have to figure stuff out.

As young adults we are already disgruntled. Why haven’t I gotten a road map? Why isn’t there a way to know what to do? Where to go? When to make a move? Jeez, I don’t even know…what the heck am I doing here? This isn’t what I signed up for, God!

I wanted to be this, and to do that and to have it all…all good of course. What is this? I wanted it ready-made, not raw materials.

See we forget the basic concept.
That we are One with God.
We are creators just like Him.
And as humans feeling is everything!

Have you ever noticed that when you buy the best toys that you think are pretty cool, that you wished you had…your kids enjoy them – for the moment. Then they find something else to fixate their attention on. Give them a roll of toilet paper and their creativity knows no bounds in what they can do with that thing.

We are like that. We need an external stimuli to grab our attention, and spark our imagination into action. A conversation, a feeling, and someone to play with. Feeling happy!

Are you having any of that in your life? If not, how can you change that?
And if you are, how are you using this creative energy to make a positive impact in your world?
We always have the power of choice. We get to choose our response to life’s experiences. We get to choose the outcome. The raw materials are there (like the situations we find ourselves in) but we get to use that to have a particular outcome, such as feeling joy.

That is an outcome.
Not the mansion – but the joy of exploring what it feels like to live in a mansion and have it serve all who have similar dreams and are in your circle of family/friends/acquaintances.

Today, make a conscious choice.
Choose Love when you play
Decide that your feeling is the only outcome that matters!

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Embrace the Journey, Not Perfectionism

I’ve found myself being vulnerable again, crying thrice over the last 7 days. I’ve cried my heart out, but not bawl my eyes out. The tears have allowed me to shift the heaviness yet it wasn’t painful. Yes, something was different about this process.

This, I realized, as I wrapped my mind around the experience, was release. Just in time to synchronize with the full moon and with an essential part of the process in the course that I’m offering.

My life isn’t perfect and I don’t think it will ever be, because I’m always learning, growing, taking stock of where I am then up-leveling all over again. I can continue to evolve, I’m constantly grateful for all my coaches, mentors, friends, family and my Divine Team for supporting me through this process.

I am a firm believer of walking the path I speak of. I’ve had many phases of what seemed like trial and error to others, yet I was always acutely aware of the lessons behind it.

I wasn’t sent here to be perfect, it was instead to just be me as I allow myself to learn the life-lessons intended for this lifetime – and I believe it’s the same for you. So, for those of you who have connected with me over the years (and especially in my Facebook group) to now, you can definitely see how we have both grown.


I make it my personal resolution to be a new me each year, so If you haven’t been in touch with me recently, then use my core values as a benchmark and get to know me again. I encourage you to grow and evolve with me as we embrace our blessings and challenges together.

If for any reason your life is the same as it was a year ago, I’m calling you out on that today…Why do you think this is so? What have you done about it?


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Overwhelm: A Pathway to Love

Over the weekend I didn’t stop to rejuvenate. There is some hurt that I’ve picked up on, in my  vibration (or environment) and I’ve automatically closed my heart as defense mechanism to protect myself. Yes, I’m an empath.

And as I closed my heart, I dropped my vibration, my momentum, it’s as if my ability to exist ceased. It’s like me returning to fetal position to gain strength to fly again.

 And that’s when the Infinite Wisdom of the entire situation dawned on me: “When I feel drained it’s because I’ve stopped loving myself.”


Self care and cleansing helps me to be open to love. To feel worthy of flying high all the time, regardless of others experiences. Everyone is responsible for their own experience and the best way I can help them is not to join their misery but to inspire them to choose to come into the light by just being me.


As my loving coach, Maru expressed it to me yesterday: “It’s not overwhelm but an opportunity.”  Indeed, she was right, the Universe was showing me another pathway to love!

3 Spiritually, Practical Steps For Empowered Women To Let Go of Hurt

As women, it’s so easy for us to feel hurt by the actions or apathy of someone you love – be it your boyfriend, spouse, child, boss or friend. This is especially so when they haven’t met our expectations.

Automatically we mentally shift gears and start to collect evidence to prove our theory. As we do this, the Universe also accommodates our new mission – show evidence to match these new beliefs while also matching the beliefs of the person who perpetrated the feelings of hurt upon us.

And here is where it gets all crazy! Your perpetrator may be merrily living their life, blissfully unaware of our thoughts and emotional reactions. And what do we do?
We feel injustice and create havoc, just to be “correct” again, and have the upper hand.

This reaction may create more distance if your partner is looking at your behavior and cannot see the possible reasons to got you to where you are. Or they may look beyond it to see the pattern that created the trigger, and together you have a stronger, better, more loving relationship because of it.

Let’s make that explanation more visual!
So, for instance: You always spend time together daily, but one day you notice him talking to someone else. You feel like you are not top priority. You leave each other abruptly to take care of your daily responsibilities. This new train of thought begins to consume your mind: I don’t like being ignored. How dare he act in that manner?

You decide to avoid him the next day. You expected him to call you, but he didn’t.
You call the next day and the number rang out! Now you are raging mad! Your mind continues your train of thought….with vengeance.

Here is what might have happened to fit your new reality: Your partner may have gotten an unexpected role to fill out of town for the office, (or he may confirm your fearful thinking) and his phone broke (this is the Universe mirroring a communication break-down between both of you).

This situation matches your fears and makes him unavailable.

So, what do you do, if you are in the initial space where everything fell apart and you are not sure of yourself and the status of your relationship?

First, I’d suggest that you do some form of physical self-care to soothe your body, mind and soul. Some ideas are: visit the spa, salon, attend yoga classes, go for a swim, take a long soak in the bath-tub, listen (and dance) to your favorite music, and read or meditate – if you can! This shifts the heaviness in your body, mind and heart out of your system.

Then, proceed to shift your thinking! Journal about everything that runs through your head. You can write about your current feelings, and what you would prefer. Realize that the Universe is trying to communicate something to you! You won’t have experienced this situation if there was some nugget of wisdom in it for you. What is the blessing in disguise? Are you judgmental and controlling or is it that the person isn’t quite the right fit for you? What can you do to show up as a better version of yourself?

And the last tip? Communicate clearly! This whole episode can just be a form of smoke and mirrors. Don’ t take it personally! It was created to match your fears as well as show you how to be a better version of you. This also goes for your partner, though your lessons may be at opposite ends of the spectrum!

Communicate your needs and create a habit of addressing your feelings so that they don’t become toxic. This is where your work lies.

Know that everything is always, always working out for your Highest Good. Because….the Universe synchronizes every single detail perfectly to fit our vibrational frequency and the life lessons that we all are supposed to get.