Are you waiting for God to reveal your life purpose?


How many times have you sat down, staring blankly through the window, hoping for some confirmation that you are on the right path? Your mind tugs at the opportunity to spit out a series of “What if” questions can either let you soar or trip you up! Given the state of mind you are in, your mind would rather hinge on questions like:

“What if I the ladder that I’m climbing up, is placed on the wrong wall?” “What if I let go all of my previous beliefs to follow my bliss, and I don’t like the end result?”

Feeling the emotions of these questions is revolting but, practically analyzing them as you look at them in writing on this screen, can make you laugh at it’s absurdity.

You will agree that everything happens for a reason and therefore you should honor the journey and its lessons. You may admit that it is easier said than done sometimes.

And so when you are tired of your mental battles, you reach out to your dear friends and families to reaffirm the truth in you that you already know. Sometimes they choose to tell a version of the truth, in a manner that provokes your ego.

What is it that you are longing for? Is it your expectation that you are given a road-map from your point of departure to your destination point? Is it here where you feel that only God has the answer and should aptly provide this information to you?

You are right, God can guide you – but based on your decisions! That is His greatest gift to man – freewill! So, what should you be doing? It’s a matter of engaging your soul purpose and your life purpose.

What is the difference between your Soul Purpose and your Life Purpose

Simply put, I believe that your Soul Purpose was that you are here to learn and your Life Purpose is what you are here to teach!

So maybe your soul purpose is what is preventing you to embrace your life purpose. You are trying to learn your lessons so that you can be a great teacher. Yet the two cannot be separated. They are like the sides of a coin – different and inseparable. You are the student and the teacher, as you teach you learn. As you embrace your lessons you honor your teachers by surpassing your tutor.

Like a good story, the plot is never revealed until the final chapter. So too, your journey unfolds unveiling this student/teacher dance as you make your mark on this world canvas. You are the artist and the canvas! You are the director and actor of your life story.

Ask yourself:

– What is your dream? What empowers you?

How can you use all that you have learned so far for the highest good of humanity?

We all pave a path for the next generation to use and cut their own paths. We are all in the task of raising the consciousness of humanity, and thus creating a better tomorrow. today.


Decluttering the Mind; Stumbling unto the Keys to Success


Today I was inspired to read an article by Matt Khan and the words declutter, purify and re-calibrate made quite an impression on me, based on my real life experiences. Matt talks about an energetic trend that is taking place, during the months May-June-July. It can inspire you to clean up your act or it can work against you based  on your level of resistance. (Click here for that full article.)

I have spent the last two months ending projects, decluttering and examining my mental trends for reasons to certain behavior patterns.
It has been an uneventful ride to say the least. My most annoying challenges were setting an objective for the day only to have it disrupted by other people I hold close to my heart.
I have come to realise that this has happened because I loved them more than myself and therefore allowed that misalignment to disrupt my plans of tending to me first.
I needed to ensure that I’m 100% charged via God’s loving energy and divine will, before facing the day and others.
It was not that I didn’t know or practice this; the problem was that I was running around ‘half-charged’ and couldn’t survive 24 hours of creating exactly what I wanted.
So that was one pattern. Then there was this fascinating pattern of believing that ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’. So I indulged in one more book,  one more class, one more gadget of the day. The funny thing is as soon as I acquired it, I don’t make full use of it but instead go looking for that ever elusive “thing” to fill the void inside myself. Does this sound familiar to you? 
The void is ME. I was avoiding the responsibility of accepting that I was born with everything that I needed to succeed in this lifetime.  My real work (and yours) is to allow myself to emerge and shine.
And now that I have surrendered my will to have it integrated with God’s divine will, I have gotten a glimpse of a whole new world and a new support system.
I am able to see that I was approaching my life from the wrong angle all along. I had wanted to be certain that I was going in the right direction, so I look at people who have done it, the statistics of that and basically an attitude of ‘I-need-to-see-it-to-believe-it’.
But it’s not like that at all, it’s about having a desire, then putting it out there to God. Have a discussion with Him on all the fears that arise from your ego-mind and then surrender it all. The process, the outcome, everything!
I pay attention to the signs that I receive and I am willing to take a leap of faith. I now address new concerns (with God) as it comes up and move forward when in alignment to my desire. I am constantly reminded to take action based on my desire and not my current reality. This is the stuff that you do to make your dreams come true!
The journey is an adventure. The adventure is always unfolding and not a destination spot as we would like to believe. This is where we have to recalibrate our minds. It isn’t a clear path from point A to point B as it is created by our choice, desires, expectations and belief systems.
I’m ‘excited to keep evolving just to see how brightly I can shine’, to use Matt’s words.
How have you been affected by this energetic trend?

Simple Technique To Get Smarter- Try SuperBrain Yoga

Here is a simple exercise that is being adopted by some teachers across America. They use it  to aid their young students to improve their focus and mental agility in the classroom.

This technique is called SuperBrain Yoga and is promoted by the Pranic Healing Centers across the world. It was created by Master Choa Kok Sui and allows you to apply a simple acupressure technique while breathing deeply. Deep breathing allows more oxygen to flow to the brain as well as other parts of the body.


Here is an image of the ear, in relation to acupressure:



It’s pretty simple really. Do it for 15 times a day

I have typed the steps listed on the image for clarity.

  1. Face the East. (Remove any jewelry on the ear.)
  2. Connect your tongue to the palate. (This is refered to the internal switch in our bodies to allow energy to flow in an oblong motion through our meridians.)
  3. Say a prayer (optional)
  4. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.
  5. Squeeze the right ear lobe with your left thumb and the left index finger.
  6. Squeeze the left ear lobe with your right thumb with the right index finger.
  7. The left arm must be inside and the right arm outside. This is the correct arm position.
  8. When squatting down, inhale simultaneously
  9. When standing up, exhale simultaneously.
  10. Repeat steps 8 and 9, 14 times per session (do it once, repeat 14 times. That’s a total of 15 times).
  11. Release your fingers from your ear lobes
  12. Say a short prayer of thanksgiving (optional)

Super Brain Yoga

If it looks interesting to you, try it for a month and share your observations.

You can also try other resources, such as Theresa Zordan’s Youtube video for a visual on how to do this exercise.

It's Possible to Change Your Life With Your Mental Attitude!

When my father transitioned many years ago, it marked a practical decision to incorporate “spirituality” into all aspects of my life.

I became aware of the the work of Ester and Jerry Hicks. It was somewhat difficult to wrap my head around the fact that this group of “like-minded” souls – or rather “consciousness” as she puts it, calls themselves Abraham and they are able to use her voice-box to communicate their wisdom to us. However, I do have a curious mind and wanted to sample their “teachings” regardless of what the package looked like. For me, I always take what works for me and discard the rest. Because of this attitude, I gladly delve into various philosophies and cultures and enjoy the richness of the expression of God through each one of these avenues.

One of the processes that Abraham taught was the “Wouldn’t it be nice if…?” process (Page 225, Ask and it is Given). It’s a process where you open your mind to the possibility of doing, having and “be-ing”something/somebody even though your current reality tells you differently.

One fun way to use this process is to say:

“Wouldn’t it be nice if… I am able to continuously dedicate my time and energy to sharing my inspiring stories and tools on my WordPress blog as my way of uplifting myself and others?”

“Wouldn’t it be nice if…We can all show love and appreciation to each other for everyone who inspires us?”

“Wouldn’t it be nice if…I am able to master prosperity consciousness to a precise formula so that I can improve the QoS of my life and the lives of those who I am of service to?”

“Wouldn’t it be nice if …Everyone (myself included) pays it forward?”

I have used this process occasionally over the years and have been able to change my living conditions and my finances to 3 times more than what I had. I’m really grateful for such dramatic changes.

Today, I am happy to the see the possibility game used by Liz Murray. It was a great reminder to use this process again! She has truly inspired us by her story.I just love seeing people when they shine by connecting to their higher consciousness and using that strength to change their lives. I wish her the best in life. I hope she continues to inspire others as she goes through her life journey.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I do. I’d love to hear from you!

Signs of a Butterfly


“Ahh! You again!” My heart sang as the butterfly danced along an intricately woven path that was placed in thin air, just a few feet from where I stood.

I have been too busy in my earlier life to play connect the dots, though it was no fault of my conscious mind. My subconscious beliefs lead me to believe that ‘I could not rely on anyone but myself‘ and ‘If I needed to get something done the right way, I had to do it myself‘. This kind of thinking lead to many years of toiling and much disappointment in creating my desires.

So, you can imagine the amount of change that has happened for me to be conscious of the divine signs around me.

Of course, I’m also human, and at times, I trip over myself though I believe it’s a gracious act to keep our humility and humor in tact.

Butterflies signify change…no, transformation both in mythology and symbolism. And though I may feel that I have had too much change for one lifetime, those butterfly sightings have multiplied over the last two years. After much exposure to these delicate creatures I have learned that no two butterfly held exactly the same message.

Though their re-occurrence is linked to our ability to accept a glimpse of the future. I remember one huge butterfly whose appearance reminded me of a snake shedding it’s skin. And, yes you are right, it was signalling me to let go of my old, stringent ways, and embrace my new lifestyle.

Today this one was extra-special. I have seen it 4 times in two days and I’wont be surprised if I see it again. I felt this butterfly was in bliss and had an important message for me that related to a state of being. So, in silence I asked what it meant. Immediately I was guided to the computer and there on my news feed was the butterfly with the following message below it:

“If you accept every emotional state to be a unique expression of the highest state in existence, then the truth of it all is surely revealed. Equally so, when you accept the highest possibility of any moment is the only possibility available to you, such an experience begins to blossom. Conversely, if you imagine different possibilities to always be the highest, your experience may seem vacant and in need of something to chase after or constantly maintain. Knowing deep in your heart, no amount of chasing or maintaining leads to the highest possibility. That is, until you accept the truth that whatever is already here could only be the highest possibility that life has ever imagined for this auspicious moment in time. Perhaps, once you surrender into accepting every moment is already the highest possibility in existence, your life begins to confirm such insights with experiences of the highest order. (from”

I thought about it. It was true, I can remember instances where my mind believed that the grass was greener on the other side. There are so many ways, that we incorporate this false assumption into our lives. We may be gadget-addicts buying the best phone on the market and loving it for the moment until we turn to glace over our shoulders to see the newer model of the same phone or a completely different phone that has topped somebody’s billboard list. We even do it as self-help addicts. We buy the best book or audio/video package to connect to God and use it for a few days before discarding it for the next best thing on the market.

So, let’s make peace with ourselves and enjoy our lives, moment by moment, interacting with other divine beings in human flesh, our universal brothers and sisters, as we collectively raise our awareness and the consciousness of the planet.



Why Affirmations don't work, and what to do about it


The main reason affirmations don’t work is because they are a giant leap from where your current mindset is. So, when you say it, your cellular intelligence rejects it. It knows that you have some built-in subconscious programming that states otherwise, so automatically the affirmation is rejected. How do you know it is rejected? Well, you feel like this is crap!

One way to prove to yourself physically which affirmations your body is rejecting, is to do muscle testing as demonstrated by Brent Phillips.

Try statements as demonstrated in the video:

I am a man

I am a woman

Did it work for you? Then try other “I am” statements. For example:

I am fun

I am healthy

I am happy

I am wealthy

I am connected to God


Of course we all know what is the Truth and what we are from the perspective of a higher consciousness, but if things are not working in our physical world, it’s usually based on a subconscious block or a bug in our programming.

You can also experiment to see how complex you can make your affirmation with your body being able to respond to the muscle test effectively.

Work with the affirmations that you are aligned with and journal the others that your body rejects. Here lies your inner work. I would love to hear your feedback on this exercise via WordPress or via Facebook.

With love and gratitude,


Do You Still Complain? And What To Do About It!

I'm sad and blue

I’ve come from a family that complains about everything.  So, I should know much about the causes and effects of complaining. And the trigger points. And how each gender typically responds.

I have grown up from this learning ground. In retrospect, I’ve realized I have not quite graduated from the School of Complaints because I’m still in elementary class at the School of Blame. Apparently I need to ace these programmes, then allow it to dissipate.
Sigh, What’s a girl to do?
“Well, right there,”  my wiser self points out, “You are feeling that feeling of defeat without starting a thing. That’s because you feel overwhelmed. And that’s because you haven’t applied your magic formula.”
“And what’s that?” I mentally responded clearly irritated. “Well that’s because you need to see it. Write all the stuff that you have now in your head on this topic, or if it’s already weighing you down via your shoulders, then ease it off of your shoulders and unto the paper.
I'm complaining, objecting, can't stop myself from saying....
“But…. !” I was about to protest.
“And you do not need to have all the answers. Just start with what you have.”
“Ok.” I already felt some relief. I thought of what was at the forefront of my mind. It’s level of priority was of miniscule concern.
Let’s see, I was invited to a religious function and though the reason for attending and the person who invited me is not an issue, I have not been organized enough to put aside time to go. But that is nothing new. I’ve always treated outings this way –  as an interruption to my weekend chores. So I go and may have a good time but at the back of my head, I know my housework awaits me.
My ego began justifying my actions by pointing out that I needed to tend to the ones I love.”True,” I thought,  “But, I could have done both!”
“Yes, that’s why this situation should be the last event of you putting yourself through such torturous split feelings.”
And so my mind and my wiser self began to dialogue to find common ground….
I thought
Should I stay?
Should I go?
Whatever I should choose?
I don’t know.
The trick is to choose one
Then see if it feels right
If not try the other one
Does it feel light?
Is there a third option
One that you did not consider?
One that’s in your face like a mirror?
Know that what ever you choose
Will be just fine
as life will adjust
To ensure you get by.
So really you can’t die
Or be a bust
You ask, choose and enjoy the ride!
Blame and complaints are not even in the equation you see.
Says my wiser self grinning at me.
At Last! Peace of mind!
Now I can see, the situation does not matter at all. What matters is our attitude – we must first take responsibility for our feelings towards the situation and our decision-making process. I thank my wiser self for allowing me to experience clarity in decision-making and I sincerely hope this has been insightful to you!