How you get caught up in the struggle of your business and what can you do about it


People can give me the best advice on something new that I’m percolating in my mind, however because I am standing outside of their experience and I’m not willing to lean into feeling what they are saying then even though I heard them and understood their words, I would have missed the depth of the lesson.

At the end of the day, words are a tool to move us into an experience. Currently, I have no past experience in my reality to relate to this newly formulated idea. So, unless I am willing to ask their help to progress a step further and to experience what they are talking about,  and to monitor my willingness to change the situation, then nothing changes. Period.

Let’s use a business example to illustrate this. For example: Let’s say, you are considering to completely revamp your website and someone asks, “Well, what’s wrong with the one you have?” And you say that it doesn’t look the way you want it to (the finished result).

They again advise you to start where you are, and as things become clearer, you can decide if you have enough information to do a complete overhaul.

Yet your mind insists in the having of this new website because you have made it your excuse. You say,  “After I get my brand-new website, then I can get great clients, etc”. You go out there and spend a ton of money and get a sparkling website. And then, you still hear crickets chirping. No sale is coming in. Where did you go wrong?


Can you relate to this story? Maybe this has been your exact experience. Maybe you can easily think of some situations where you wonder that you could have made a better choice.

Do you see the flawed premise in that thinking? You mind is choosing a short-sighted goal, when in the long run, your original work had the ability all along to create what you wanted. The only difference is that you had to believe in your vision and put in some elbow grease to polish it. In other words, you had to be congruent with your Truth!

Now don’t get me wrong. It’s okay if you want to revamp your life, your business etc. However, if you go demolishing everything and build a new one without first addressing your core beliefs around it, then it would make no sense.

After you gain clarity and focus, it automatically creates the drive for you to actively be involved in the creative process and the unfolding of your new website (or a new phase of your life).

You have to make peace with where you are and be willing to embrace the inner work and other requirements of having the results you want.


If you are serious about changing your life from the inside out, let’s talk about it. PM me on Facebook to book a free clarity call to see if we are a good match for each other. Then we can decide what’s the best way for you to break free from your struggle syndrome.

I’m Kavita, your personal Truth Coach, Symbolic Intuitive and Guide. I help people like you find, honor, and live their truth (yes – it’s a 3-phase journey), from the inside out so that every decision you make comes from the core of your soul. So if you have been battling it alone, any of this resonates with you, then this can be the first step to your moving into your true potential.

Let’s do this!

Love, Light & Blessings,


Crying My Heart Out With Archangel Michael

Art series.
Art series.

Today I was determined to get some of my to-dos done. I was stalling and I wasn’t sure why. I knew I stalled because there is some piece of the puzzle missing and with some tweaking everything falls into place. Or…..because some self-limiting belief has surfaced and wants to make itself known to me!

I was in thinking mode so at this point I could not determine which concept was applicable to my current reality. At some point later in the day, I sat down to play with my tarot cards and was immediately told to contact someone on her marriage situation. I didn’t have a problem sharing the message, but I did feel like I was imposing on her because she did not ask me to do a reading on the matter.

Sure enough she was on-line in that moment and I tried my best to convey the message into words that hopefully made sense to her. I tend to feel, see or know the message, and therein lies my challenge. For some clients, the message is heard clearly and my fingers struggle to catch up with the speed of the message as it is conveyed.

Imagine my delight when she confirmed that she has been receiving the same message in different ways and she was grateful for the confirmation that she was on the right path! We are continents apart and hardly know each other. This is the reason I love doing what I do! I get to see God work wonders in the lives of my fellow brothers and sisters.

Automatically I knocked myself into full-blown intuitive mode, by just reaching out to her. I started to sense a strong presence of Archangel Michael as I tuned into his energy. I realized in that moment that He was one of the angels that is designated to help me accomplish my divine mission. He becomes instantly present whenever I think of him.

I’ve had the health and well-being of my family on my mind. And….I was questioning if I should continue to do readings for others (as if the story above wasn’t enough confirmation). Crazy, right?


He proceeded to show me that my prayers had been heard and reassured that it will be addressed in due course. The impact of being answered within the same day and with such accuracy and clarity has me weeping in gratitude. I’m human after all, and of course I’ll go through the human condition to better understand what it feels like to be clouded by my mental chatter and to gain clarity with Divine Guidance.

So, if you feel you need confirmation or clarity regarding an issue in your life, just drop me a line. Get free daily messages via my Facebook page or try my services for FREE before you commit to a full-fledged reading and healing session.

I’d love to hear from you!

Love and Light,


Hummingbirds and Hearts


One of the fun things that I like to do when I feel like I might give into doubt is, to ask the Universe for a sign to prove that I am on the right path, to continue doing what I am doing.

Now here is the thing, I do consider myself very fortunate because I get my personal guidance when I sit down and tune into the higher frequencies of the Universe. However since everything happens in the awareness of my mind sometimes it’s not enough to quiet the ego mind. And when that happens I ask for a sign. A physical sign I can experiences with my senses.

During my morning rituals and conversations with my Divine Team, I placed my request to see a physical sign. Then I did the next best thing. i forgot about it and when merrily along enjoying the events and people in my day.

As I chatted with my soul sister and played with my daughter I looked up and saw a huge heart-shaped cloud in the sky directly in front of me! I was  surprised and happy. I just love  when I know that the Universe supports me! Then before we could digest that I saw a humming bird up close and personal. This sign I had to research.

Here’s what I found:

The hummingbird affirmed that I was on the right path because I was being light and happy while I discussed work. This was the key to staying resilient and tirelessness. I must remain open to life’s experiences with lightness and flexibility.

Have you put in your request lately? I’d love to hear about the signs that showed up for you!

Much love, heart-cloud


 Having trouble connecting to your Divine Team? Message me on Fb and let’s talk!

A Short And Simple Method To Shift from Apathy to Action

Have you ever wondered why it is that we don’t get the results we want? Why do we want to do something but we don’t get it done? Despite our best intentions and time management skills, we get stuck in an eternal loop of disappointing ourselves. What is it that is keeping us back? What is it that is tripping us up?


It’s our subconscious beliefs are not in alignment with our desires. These sets of predefined beliefs are called paradigms. A paradigm is defined as a perceived way of looking at something.

Well, what can we do to move forward? How can we get a personalized solution to suit the mental and emotional states of our mind?

One of the simplest methods is to ask for guidance in a way that is clear for you to recognize and follow. Results are based on what we feel strongly about. If negative emotions come up then spend some time in solitude to decipher where it’s coming from and what you should do about it. If positive emotions are showing up then take action based on inspired guidance.


Wishing you every success!


Stepping into the unknown

Arch Angel Gabriel has been showing up very often today. I am reminded to follow through on the advice that is received today. Maybe this may be applicable for you too.


I feel that I have passed a particular test in my life and I’m onto the next phase. However, this phase is new, there’s not much is familiar about it. And so I see myself becoming defensive as build up resistance to protect me from “the unknown”.

It is the very unknown that will unearth the latent gifts within me and allow me to see the beauty of a new dawn – the life that I came to live.

So how does one go about embracing the unknown?

First things first:

Take one step at a time. In “the now”.

• Pray and ask for guidance in all the shady areas in your life. Take the action step based on the guidance given.

• Have friends who encourage you and believe in your dreams.

• Breathe and repeat.

What if you are so frozen with fear that your derriere is stuck to your chair and you are afraid to take any kind of action for the fear of failing? Or what if you become too overwhelmed by your sudden success? You don’t want to come across as unreliable to the people who commit to your work – what will you do then?

Just know that for every situation you’re in, there are a plethora of solutions – some much greater than you can ever muster up the courage to consider. Talk to God and the Angels and follow your inner guidance. Ultimately there is no wrong way. All paths lead to God. It’s just a matter of what kind of ride you prefer, on your way there.

Our old programming and human systems (in honoring the logical mind) trips us up as we hold on to an old identity of perfecting everything before we use it or step forward to share it.

These days, time appears shorter as we become more fickle minded being overloaded with sensory information from all of our electronic devices. So send your message out there. For every teacher there are assigned students and vice-versa. We are both the teacher and the student. We are the hands and voice of the Creator helping each other reconnect to the Source.

We are all expressions of God, learning to use this playground to raise the vibration of humanity.


Imagine a place where we can be together with great love, respect and support for each other. A place where there are no “success ladders” to climb. For when one succeeds we all succeed. When one learns something we all benefit from that information. It’s a place where the healer experiences more healing than the person being “healed” because the soul who is choosing to be healed, also makes this choice from a soul level. This soul is providing an opportunity for the healer to merge his or her consciousness with God. What a difference this thinking makes in our life. It’s easier to let go of judgment this way. Let’s strive to honor the God-self in each other.

My Experience: Getting On The Miracle Frequency Is Easier Than You Think!

Today, I was upset. I realized too that feeling felt foreign for such a simple matter. I also realized it was linked to some feelings of irritability that came up over the weekend.


Yes, if I wanted to play the blame game I could justify it on the lack of restful sleep. But, that doesn’t mean I should respond to the situation with irritability. I can in fact, correct my course of action, since the irritability was just trying to get my attention that I was going down the wrong road.

As I sat down to have my morning dialogue with God, I heard myself and my thoughts but I could not feel a response. I needed to be more receptive. I knew I was guided to make a phone call yesterday so I decided to do it. As I was put on hold, I realized I was still sniffling from crying, so I read a few positive thoughts on my FB page. It worked like a charm! I became calm. Wait a minute, fifteen minutes had passed and no-one had taken the call as yet!

Because I was in a clearer state of mind, I instantly realized that I was on the wrong mental frequency when I placed the call. I hung up and instantly re-dialed the number. Someone immediately answered my call. Even though I was transferred three times, I took the opportunity to focus on the feeling of how I wanted the outcome of the call to be.


What do you think happened? Of course, it worked out! It was my miracle for today! I was so happy that I felt that I could touch the sky, I thanked God for His help on the matter, but the experience put me to wonder… How many times have we sat down waiting for our miracle in the wrong frequency lane?  How many times we didn’t actively realize we needed to change our state of mind, just a little bit, then try again? Or did we say, ‘Oh I tried that before and it didn’t work, so why bother’?


It’s like flying an airplane, just shift your craft slightly to adjust to the external conditions while you keep your eye on the destination. Flying does take practice though so don’t be too hard on yourself!

Happy flying!

Much love, ~Kavita~


Take A Leap Of Faith! 5 Easy Steps to Instant Manifestation using the Bathtub/Shower


I used to indulge in sporadic ‘leap-of-faith” moments for the major challenges in my life. That was my old life.

My new life asks for courage to face the unknown. To step forward in faith – EVERYDAY! And to do so in small and big situations alike. I cannot move forward in any other aspects of my life unless I embrace this method and apply it.

I have discovered along the way, a quick foul-proof method in getting what I want. And I have shared it in an older post. I’ve decided to share it again because both you and I needed a reminder to use it more often.

We all know that we can get what we want but usually it’s our subconscious beliefs that keeps us from getting what we want. We can be our own best friend or worst nightmare. It’s always boils down to making a choice.



Method: Let go and let God
Here is the technique:

  1. Get clear on what you want
  2. Recognize why you feel the way you feel.
  3. Take action for the things within your control and let go of the rest of it. How do you let go? In your morning/evening shower or bath, mentally talk to God about about. As you wash away the soap studs from your skin mentally let go. Release your control of the situation and ask God to sort it out. Intend that the outcome is for the highest good of your Highest Self and for all those involved.
  4. Be open to the result (as it comes from any direction and in any form).
  5. Remember to say thank you in prayer.

I have done this and have accomplished more in 3 days than I have in 3 weeks.

So, for all who are reading this, I encourage you to take a leap of faith if you are ready to change your life and I intend the best possible outcome that is in alignment with your Highest Self.

Thank you for reading this. I’m sending you much love and blessings in your journey! 

Game of Life: Level Up! What now?

I have the most challenging week this week. I cannot remember myself covering the entire emotional scale in one week. It’s exhausting! Click here for a good example of what your EGS looks like.

The amazing thing was that as I felt the lower emotional energy, I not only felt the energy constricting in my chest but also I literally felt like I was withering like a flower. My chakras were closing up! The experience was so striking that I knew that I had to stop this spiraling energy in its tracks. I had to stop and take stock of the lessons and the trigger points here in this moment. I had to grow from it before moving back up the scale.


I have had the trigger points and challenges before and I have moved beyond it, where it no longer bothered me. But it was never uprooted. Now is my chance. It will trail behind me like excess baggage until I get it “right”. Whichever way I go, it’s fine, for there are lessons to be learnt, regardless of my moves.


I have realized I have vibrated myself into a different level of the game of life. I no longer have to find my way out of the maze to move up another level. I have to demolish or construct the walls of the maze in this level. It’s asking for me to be more innovative, more creative. I have to connect to my God-Given-Creator side in me and make the game that I want to play.


I’m in awe that this new play-field. Everything is more. More depth, light, space, more sensitivity, more challenges. And instant manifestation. Yes, the rewards are greater. However, the rewards were always a byproduct of our thoughts, words and actions.


There are many who have passed this level and there are many who are at this level. So while i’m still absorbing my new energy field, I’d love to hear your story!

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The Awakening Chronicles: The People-Pleaser is dead!


Many times during my childhood, I have found that I have made people uncomfortable to say the least, when I am being me. And so, I choose to let go of me in an attempt to restore joy to the hearts around me.

After many turbulent years, I have realized the only work I have, is to be authentically me. I am doing a great disservice to myself and humanity by trying to please others. I then decided to forfeit my “people-pleaser” traits. I am still acutely aware of the way others feel, but there is now a difference.

I have understood, the only reason why others around be feel upset, is because my truth reflects a discord in their choices. A fear-based choice that they have made in their lives. What they are really saying is that they also crave for the inner peace and tranquility that is reflected in my soul.

In the same way, when i get upset about something, it’s because there is a discord present. Someone is projecting fear and if I am the one upset, then it is me who is reflecting fear.

I am not responsible for the thoughts, words and actions of another human being, only my own.

I can use the opportunity instead, to have compassion. I can understand what they are going through and why and what kind of choices are available to them at that vibrational level. I can release any judgement I might have had about them. They are doing the best they can from the vibrational level they are at in their current state of mind. It is not my job to preach, convert to deliver anybody from their trauma. And neither can they do that for me!

I can pray for the highest good to be prevalent in all that they go through, and for all involved in the situation, including myself. I can share insights, only if asked. Just like the role of our divine angels, they cannot intervene unless we reach out and specifically ask for assistance, guidance or clarity. So too, we cannot impose on the lives of others. Everyone has to find their own path and carry their own Olympic torch to the destination that they seek.

There are many ways to take baby steps to reclaim your truth, some examples are:

  • Saying a universal prayer and or meditation
  • Enhancing your relationships with your loved ones by choosing a better response. Look at the situation through God’s eyes.
  • Helping at least one stranger everyday. You can help by sharing a smile or buying coffee/tea for the person behind you, when in a line.
  • Helping someone to cross the road


You are free to be creative in this!

If I really look at my role, it is a difficult one. It is the reverse of what society has taught us. It is much, much easier to blame, criticize or judge another. It is much easier to shirk from my personal responsibility. But, how much longer will I run from myself, my truth? The longer I deny myself, the longer I take to move ahead in my journey. As I embrace this role, I not only honor myself but the God-spark within me and you. As I press on this lonely road, I make it less lonely for others who choose to embrace this truth. One day, this can be our everyday reality, so let’s put it in motion today!


Upgrade Your Life Using 3D Affirmations


Today, I have decided to change the way I structure my affirmations. I have upgraded it to my personalised version of 3D affirmations (based on the concepts taught by Derek Rydall).

Here’s what we will do:

We’ll say each affirmation from 3 perspectives – I, You and He/She. I’ll use my name in these examples so please replace my name with yours!

I love using HayHouse Affirmations. So, here we go:

To get more love, I love myself more.
You get more love in your life by loving yourself more.
I heard that Kavita attracted more love into her life just by loving herself!


I’m sure you are grinning by now 🙂 Alright, let’s apply it to some more affirmations.

Everything I need to know is brought to me in delightful ways!
Everything you need to know is brought to you in delightful ways!
I’m in awe that everything Kavita needs to know is brought to her in delightful ways! It’s amazing how supportive the universe is!

As I make the effort to reconnect to my elevated consciousness, I also help you to reconnect to yours, and when you spend the time to reconnect to your Higher Self, you also help me. We are all in this together!

If you love affirmations, do connect with me via Facebook or Twitter for daily inspiration!

Much love to you!