A subtle reason to forgive yourself!

It’s so amazing how various feelings indicate where we are in relation to what we want.

And we get mad for feeling that way!

What do you do to change it?
Well if you can choose an activity that makes you feel better than where you are. And if you can’t, ask your Angels for help.

I felt something was “off” in my vibration. I couldn’t put a label to what it might be. I trusted it would reveal itself. And then I got the sign to do some forgiveness work on myself.

Forgiveness? I think I’m really good at forgiving. So what was this about? Well, it turned out that I needed to practice forgiveness to myself, every time I listened to that inner critic and doubted my abilities.


So subtle but what a profound feeling of freedom in making the time to do this. Have you forgiven yourself lately? If not, this is a great reminder to do so!


When Nice People Should Say No


You are nice ALL the time.
People comment on how kind, sweet and helpful you are.
And you pride yourself in those qualities.
Yes, You! You know who you are.

Somehow you wished you had a friend just like you to help you and boost your spirits when you feel tired, down or broken. And now you keep smiling through your pain because you feel obligated to the world (in your ego-mind your behavior has turned into a mind-virus: Your ego-mind feels that the world will fall apart if you don’t hold it up with your enthusiasm).

Then in your reality, you get overlooked.
You are not first choice for the promotion. You are called to do the majority of the behind-the-scenes stuff. You are always waiting for your moment to shine, with your heart becoming entangled with feelings of blame, resentment, anger or depression. You sometimes feel that even the Universe has overlooked you.

But the bitter-sweet truth is that we are learning and growing all the time. You may feel on top of the world or crushed by a monster truck. And those feelings are based on your perception to the problem. You have been hard-wired by mass consciousness to respond to your reality. You feel the need to believe what you see.

How can you change it (your reality),
if you keep responding to what
you have already created ?

Today, I urge you to revisit your priorities so that you make time for you first.
Continue to help others but only have you are fully charged (like a battery on 100%).

And if you need help rewiring your mind to focus on the good stuff,
then I happen to be great at that 🙂
Yes, I also trip myself up more often than most.
I’ve even seen how I’ve added bells and whistles to make my fall more dramatic in the past.
But, I keep getting up and I keep shifting my awareness.
Each fall happens in a new space.
And I learn.
I listen to my divine intuition and falls are 90% fun(ny) now.
Yes, the Universe has an amazing sense of humor.
This is the one thing for sure that I’m consistent with. If you want me to be part of your team, book your free clarity call to learn how we can work together.

See you on the other side!


Sitting on the Fence vs Aligned Action!


My experiences

You may experience your intuition gently whispering to you. Or you may have been seeing repeating signs, numbers, certain phrases….having lucid dreams, getting this feeling of having a premonition or experiencing déjà vu.

If you haven’t paid attention you’ll know it was something good but you can’t for-the-life-of-you remember what it was!

If you have been paying attention you KNOW that you need to scribble that intuitive hit down on something that you can find, when you need it!

I see those signs, now what?

Well, you have to first interpret your messages. Their meanings are two-fold. There is a generally meaning and a personalized meaning that applies to a specific area of your life.

If you are fumbling with meanings and patterns, that’s my area of expertise 🙂

After you know what your message is, you may simply glide into incorporating the message and the lessons.

Unfortunately, as humans we tend to over analyze simple Universal truths. And then our old limiting beliefs get in the way and trip us up from embracing the truth!

What do I do then?

I’d always recommend that you hire a mentor or a coach that you resonate with! 


Because we cannot see our own blind spots. Because as David Neagle puts it “we don’t know what we don’t know!”

And why not let your good friend be a mentor?

Well because you friend is supposed to love you and all your flaws. So there won’t be a sense of urgency to change it. Or the other thing may happen, you won’t take your friend seriously!

Your coach is going to help you see your blind spots and guide on how to overcome them. (Yes, that’s my specialty too! – and it comes with a dose of divine intuition, so if you are not willing to be honest with yourself your reality will surely give you a bumpy ride).

It’s for the same reason why I hire a coach. An awesome coach always has another awesome coach behind him/her.

The important part is that you choose someone that you resonate with.

About that aligned action thing …?

Yes, once you get clear on what you want. Then the next step will always be revealed to you.

You need to take that step before you are given your next clue. If you have been ignoring the clue or resisting the step then you’re not in the game!! You’ve put yourself on the sidelines. You’ve decided to sit on the fence. And then you benign to feel that your life is passing by without you. 

Another important factor that your coach does is that she/he holds you accountable to take that step! So that you stay in the game and move gracefully along your path.

And when the path is full of twists and turns your coach reminds you that he/she is holding your vision for you! She/he will always bring you back to your vision and your mission.

This is how we change the world. And that change starts with me and you.

Are you ready to get off the fence?!

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Shifting Your Mindset – The First Signs

I’ll jump right into it: How do you know when you are shifting your mindset?

  • When you own your new mindset in your daily daydreaming!
  • When you respond differently to a repeating circumstance in your life and you are proud of yourself.
  • When your friends think you are on some new kind of “high”! (You know, happy for no reason)
  • When you see others respond more positively towards you.
  • When the Universe finds ways to please and delight you)
  • When all you want to do is jump up and down (on the bed you told your kids NOT to jump on!)
  • When you get unexpected miracles (that word you use to avoid finding the other words to make logical sense of what happened, because it was illogical!


What has delighted you today?

Manifestation Reminder From My 5-year Old


My munchkin is a ballerina. You know the heart-centered, girly-girl type. Lots of emotions and everything pink!

Then she got exposed to seeing a group of older girls on stage demonstrating karate. And that just set-off a light bulb. She wanted to feel that empowerment. That strength and certainty that she experienced. She didn’t mind being a ballerina, but now more than ever she wanted to do karate.

And so she kicked and punched everything in sight for three weeks straight until I stopped her to focus on her academic performance. That was just for one week.

Of course I wanted her to do what she loved! I had no idea of any karate schools, who to trust etc. I handed it over to the Universe.

The first option that came up was the right one! She enrolled with ease and grace, found a great instructor and got 16 hours for $10 bucks! (It’s an incentive summer program to commit to the year long program).


How about that for manifestation? 🙂

Creating Boundaries – Know When To Say No


  • What does that word mean to you?
  • Do you cringe at the sound of it?
  • Do you need clarity on how boundaries can serve you?
  • Or are you completely new to this concept?

Wherever you are, is where you need to be, as you open yourself to this message.

Sometimes things do not work out the way you envision it. Yet the reason for the dismay is that you have been saying yes to everything! Stop and make a checklist of what is eating up your time, energy and any other resources.

Ask yourself:

  • Is that person, event, place or thing serving you and your highest calling?
  • Is this person respectful of your outlook on life?
  1. The first step is always a decision. Decide what you need to work on to make better and what you need to let go of.
  2. The next step is to decide what you are willing to do to make things work.
  3. Be willing to say NO and let go of the things and people that no longer serve you.
  4. Ask the Universe to align you with things and people who are in vibrational harmony with your needs and desires to fill any void that was created by #3.
  5. Reach out to a mentor, coach, light-worker or someone who can help you move through your mental blocks and make a vibrational shift so that the physical work of attracting a better relationship or thing is much easier and in alignment to your Inner Self.
  • Have you been struggling lately with boundaries?
  • Are you ready to change these repeating patterns?

Hop on a free clarity call with me and let’s see if we are a good vibrational match to work though this.

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Be open to other possibilites – What does that look like?

So I went to the ATM and just when there were two people in front of me, all the ATM’s stopped working! What’s up with that? I decided to let it go and approach another ATM later in my day! When I visited the next ATM, it wasn’t there!


Now I was in a space of well I can do this but going to the 3rd ATM would be out of town and I needed the money to pay for something (or so I thought). And so I “discovered” a newly built ATM (I didn’t know it existed).

This is what this pattern intuitively means:

I’ve recently stretched my mind about my life vision and financial goals, and here my reality is reacting to my new train of thoughts. Basically, it’s showing me to be courageous to explore new ways of reaching for what I want.

Are you seeing evidence that you are shifting your reality? PM if you need to figure out what all this stuff means or how to shift the energy to create momentum!

Faith In What You Want

Today I woke up and i got my divine messages and I loved the theme for the day! However, physically I wasn’t up to speed! I felt I needed a power nap.

I listened to Abraham-Hicks until a call with my client today and as usual I thoroughly enjoyed the energy shifts and clarity that came out of it. I went a little over my schedule and found myself in a jam. Well, I didn’t label the situation then. I didn’t want to put labels on it.

I needed to cook lunch in less than an hour. The thing is, all my meals are cooked from scratch. So breadfruit soup with was. I did what I could, I said a prayer to ask for help on getting it done and I let it go!

Presto! My soup was ready just in time as my family came home and as soon as they left, the area I was in got a power outage? What’s up with that? Again, I could go into feeling miserable about it, but I didn’t entertain it.

My mind reflected on a previous power outage I had (and that story is in an earlier blog post). I thought of my possible solutions and I felt that they were not applicable to what was happening now.

I had a call at 3pm today and I was going to get power to make it happen. I went ahead and took a 1/2 hour power nap on my acupressure mat and played a subliminal track through my earphones.

At 2:52 I had power! I had the most amazing call with Maru (www.maruiabichela.com)! I loved her energy and for her showing up to honor her path. She is my mentor by just being who she is. Isn’t that a wonderful way to help people? So yes, today we finally talked! Yay!


I’m off to yoga class now. I’m tuning into my intuition and taking the next step. Are you?

Frustrated with not being able to sit and blog. I'm live on Periscope. Yay!

Hi everyone,

In the past month, I have been bombarded with nuggets of wisdom to share with you via this blog and through my newsletters. My newsletter is based on the principles of the Universe and how to use them to your advantage and this blog is generally geared towards sharing how that principle would  have manifested in my life’s experiences.

I’ve always advised my clients to journal and to make a note of every single intuitive hit that they would have gotten. I switched from scribbling to doing voice memos on my phone. But they never made it here. And then the answer creep up upon me within two weeks or so of my dilemma. It was so subtle. I used it but I didn’t make the connection.

Today I owned it! Because I realized it was an answer to my prayer! The answer was Periscope! Yes, writing here is so much more fun than talking live! But, it was able to give me what I want.

I get an intuitive message about the lesson behind my current situation or the someone else’s story and…..Bam! I can just take a few minutes and unceremoniously ‘scope it to you!


So, with that said. If it isn’t here in writing, then it’s on Periscope. So get on board the Periscope train and follow me if my blogs resonate with you! Look for @earthangelwish.

Much love and blessings,


What a 12-hour Power Outage Energetically Asked Of Me


I remember waking up during the wee hours of the morning, not quite sure if it was still Sunday night or Monday morning. I knew the kids were getting restless with the raising heat and stillness in the air. Yes, the power had gone off and rain began to fall. It felt hot and humid. The wind was missing. I knew if I got up to verify the time or acknowledge the kids, no-one would go back to sleep. At least they weren’t fully awake – just uncomfortable. Pretty soon the thunder and lightening became the rhythmic lullaby and everyone fell asleep once again, despite the heat.

We awoke again, slightly dismayed to find that we were still without power and we quickly got into our routines and everyone left the home – except me and the baby.

I called the power company and heard the strangest but very honest response from a young woman. “Oh yes! Your area is without power. We don’t know what is wrong with the equipment. The technical staff is trying to figure it out.” Well now, it would be absurd if I asked her when I should expect power after that answer. I wasn’t mad at her at all. I instantly recognized her honesty and appreciated it more than she knew.

I stared into the distant sky remembering the message from my divine team – about making peace with where I was (I had even posted this on-line as a reminder to those who needed to hear it).

with where you are

There was nothing I could really do. And I wasn’t entertaining negative responses. My only immediate concern was that I had a call scheduled that morning and I had no idea how to contact my client without access to the Internet (she wasn’t comfortable with giving her number and I quickly realized that).

I checked in with my soul sister but she was experiencing the same fate as me. I asked another helpful young lady I knew and she was able to send a message to my client on my behalf. Phew! That was over with. So I asked myself, “What are the things needing my attention that I can do right now without having to use anything that needed electricity?”

Baby wasn’t sleeping yet so I did clearing statements (it’s a technique I also use with my clients in my  coaching program) and so baby fell asleep. And I got electricity. I was shocked, because this experience doesn’t match anything that i witnessed in the past with the power company. It was a freaking miracle because I got power within an hour of making peace with where I was!


Yes you guessed it, I had ample time to prepare for my call with my client.

So here is my question for you. Was it really about me “not deserving power” or was it a chance to “own my power” regardless of the circumstances?