The Biggest Regret In Life….Do You Know What It Is?

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It's funny. As we begin our life's journey - our parents, friends and loved ones offer all sorts of well-intentioned advice.

You hear about... what organizations to be affiliated with, and what principles to live by. What will provide the best academic success, to achieve a high financial set-point, and how to have a happy family life.

And so we set out creating our lives, to have ALL the things by a certain age. The career job, the house, the car, the spouse, the kids and the ability to live comfortably.

And yes, we have all accepted it to some extent, THIS is what life looks like. These are the standards to measure one's success.

I remember when I was so appalled by this concept as it was communicated to me, that I vehemently expressed my shock in a string of sharp words.

"What??! I grow up, get a good job, get married, have kids and die???"

And I was asked what else would I want to add to the equation. And I instantly piqued, "Well, for starters, I could be a comedian!"

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I wasn't kidding though. I felt the fun was sucked out of life in that equation. "Why do we have to make ourselves suffer in this way?" I wondered. "Why live this kind of life?"

You see, all my life, I was being reminded to fit myself into a mold. A mold, that I did not create. I was too-a lot-of-things. Too happy. Too loving. Too generous. Too optimistic. Too emotional. Too caring. Too....sigh! I was told that I was a dreamer, and dreamers cannot survive in today's world. There isn't a place in society for them without them suffering from the inability to earn a livelihood.

My spirit got crushed in that moment. "Why was I here then? Why did God put me on this planet if there was no place for me?" I wondered

And so I tried to "do the right thing". Work strategically. And I succeeded. Eventually. After lots of hard work. Until I was guided to acknowledge that my lifespan for this kind of lifestyle is up.

This time I fully embraced my intuition while allowing my strategic self to gently assist in co-creating my new reality.

And what I rediscovered was that I had the right approach all along. It was the kind of approach that works for me and people like me. (You know yourselves - you are the people who think or speak something (including money) and it shows up in your reality....and when you urgently need something it doesn't work...(grin))

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And that's when the truth hit me. If there is one regret that the world suffers from, is the regret of "NOT DREAMING BIG ENOUGH".

Because the truth is, we are magnificent creators and some of us live our whole lives before realizing that our life was played out like a perfect movie. It was simply a projection that is relative to our inner script. The script that was created by the "bigness" of our dreams, our self-belief and the level of resistance in our cellular bodies when co-creating with other humans.

I'll give you a moment to let that sink in.

Said another way (by my guides), "Give yourself the opportunity to have the grandness of your human experience!"

Now get out there, Dream big and make your dreams a reality!

Love you all!

Kavita Singh

She is an intuitive transformational and mindset coach


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Change is our Friend

I love that we all have clarity about the importance of change.
But what happens when the change actually shows up in our lives?
When it knocks on your door?
Or just comes like a bulldozer and runs you over?

We want to welcome change.
To treat it like an honored guest then send it on its merry way.

But here is where we miss the point.
We are not here to serve change.

And so to prep us for the gifts that come with change, change likes to show up unannounced. Or in disguise. It loves to play the game of illusion.

When we INTEND and KNOW that change is always for our highest good (and for the highest good of all concerned) then we can drop the game that our ego wants to play. We no longer need to project the worse, or worry about things that never actually happened or will ever happen.

We move into a space of actually taking one step after the other.

And exploring your choices and your resistance to making different choices because of the change that is happening in your life. What that essentially means is that your life no longer falls apart, but falls into place. It comes together connecting your purpose, and mission, with your vision, heart and mindset. You become one with all parts of you.

You are realigned
For your greater good

Because sometimes if we were previewed to all the details of our path before we took a step, we may back down in fear, thinking we could never do that!
And besides, a movie is no fun when you see the “spoilers”
But….you should know enough to know if the movie is worth watching.

Here is where your intuition guides you when you are in the space of uncertainty.
You know when you know (other than that, you know that you don’t know)
Each moment of your life is meant to be used to ride a particular energy wave.
To know when to actively create or do something
When to release it to the Universe
And when you are called to tweak it again

This is me, summarizing the gift and awareness when embracing change.
I’d love to hear what was your take-away!

And since money is a key component in how you process change. Here is my gift to you. click here to download my free money affirmations video that you can use daily to drop the resistance you have around attracting more money into your reality.

Much love and blessings,

Allowing vs Accommodating

Allowing is you being non-resistant.
It means not judging something.
Saying that this thing/person is good therefore I want it,
but this thing/person is bad so stay the hell away from me!
Yes, that is judgement.

It’s like going to the buffet table and seeing what you want and what you don’t want, then you spend your time trying to call in the Managers to clear away all the things that you don/t want so that you can enjoy your plate filled with  all of what you actually wanted.

But wait a minute, where did you put your focus?

According to the law of attraction, you attract what is in your dominant vibration. This leads you to getting more what you resist, yes? Because your energy is greater in the resistance of it, and therefore the Universe gives you more of that.

We then ask, why isn’t this working for me? It is, it’s all always working, and doesn’t need you to do anything to set it into motion. Just like your heart. You are not needed to make it work. You – in your human self may actually be guilty of getting in the way and make it work haphazardly or you may even make it stop altogether.

Ok, I admit extreme examples made too simplistic. But, yes ultimately that’s how the law works. Trust the law to do it’s part. You take care of where you put your attention towards. What are you focusing on?

And how about accommodating, how does that trip you up?
Well, for starters, you let everyone have their life experiences while you forget to declare your desires, so that you can also have what you what, while they have what they want. Why do you have to wait at the side-lines until they are satisfied/happy and retires for the day, then you venture out to have your “me” time?

Can you see how this can be a recipe for disaster? It means you NEVER have time to do what you REALLY want. It means that it becomes a perpetual cycle where you crave the supportive container that you so deeply desire. And there  is a ton of other unsaid feelings and unmet needs that can stem out of this.

Trust me, I know. I have been there. And now that I know better, I’m sharing this with you so that you too can be aware of your choices and choose differently. Make choices that are more in alignment with who you truly are.

Ask yourself:
What do I really want?
What do I really want to experience in this moment?
It always comes back to this.
Your desires influence your reality – either by having it or having the opposite of it (when you aren’t allowing it in).

I’d love to hear your thoughts & experiences!

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The bird and the bee…uh I meant wasp!

The bird and the bee…uh I meant wasp!

A bird came to me this morning and landed on a protruding twig that stuck out from a young neem tree just a few feet away from me.

As I proceeded to observe her more keenly I asked the Universe, “What is she here to teach me?”


She observed her environment for a split second and proceeded to clean her beak. She took split second breaks to be in tune with her environment as she got the job done.

I got distracted from her immaculate cleaning by a wasp floating around me, a little too close for comfort. I stared at it as it was oblivious to my presence, keenly focusing on the flowering plants nearby and as it floated higher I got the answer to my question that I asked earlier.

The bird represented love and the wasp fear. Not literally, but of course as I examined my reaction to them, that was the truth.

Even though we have love in front of us, we spend more time focusing on fear, in the hope that by giving attention to it, we will be alert. Prepared. Ready to protect ourselves in case we become a victim to its fury.

And what does the Law of Attraction do? Match our experiences to the thing we give attention to. We create our own self-fulfilling prophecies.

In an instant, I chose love.

Then the bird proceeded to the next step. Self-grooming. She primed her feathers as she basked in the comfort of her surroundings. She felt safe, secure and quite sure of herself. She was loving herself as she became one with nature.

What do you consciously choose to place your attention on today?

The Faces We Choose & Why Feeling Is Everything

When we decided to be here, we came as pure light.
Full of Love and Joy.
And Brilliance.

Then we learnt about the veil of fear.

And we bought it.

Curiously we entered the rabbit hole. And almost immediately we begin to buy the fear-monger stories. They were exciting mind-adventures, until we began to believe them and they began to become real.

We started to wear various faces to mirror what we truly feel or to desperately hide our feelings. Ultimately we knew, all feelings and expressions stem from love or fear. It is a choice. But we felt powerless in making that choice. It was daunting to have to figure stuff out.

As young adults we are already disgruntled. Why haven’t I gotten a road map? Why isn’t there a way to know what to do? Where to go? When to make a move? Jeez, I don’t even know…what the heck am I doing here? This isn’t what I signed up for, God!

I wanted to be this, and to do that and to have it all…all good of course. What is this? I wanted it ready-made, not raw materials.

See we forget the basic concept.
That we are One with God.
We are creators just like Him.
And as humans feeling is everything!

Have you ever noticed that when you buy the best toys that you think are pretty cool, that you wished you had…your kids enjoy them – for the moment. Then they find something else to fixate their attention on. Give them a roll of toilet paper and their creativity knows no bounds in what they can do with that thing.

We are like that. We need an external stimuli to grab our attention, and spark our imagination into action. A conversation, a feeling, and someone to play with. Feeling happy!

Are you having any of that in your life? If not, how can you change that?
And if you are, how are you using this creative energy to make a positive impact in your world?
We always have the power of choice. We get to choose our response to life’s experiences. We get to choose the outcome. The raw materials are there (like the situations we find ourselves in) but we get to use that to have a particular outcome, such as feeling joy.

That is an outcome.
Not the mansion – but the joy of exploring what it feels like to live in a mansion and have it serve all who have similar dreams and are in your circle of family/friends/acquaintances.

Today, make a conscious choice.
Choose Love when you play
Decide that your feeling is the only outcome that matters!

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