Attunements & Energy Work – A growing list
Name Benefits Remote Healing LIVE Call
Bam Reiki Clear your blocks USD $25.00
Akashic Records Attunement Access your records in an easy DIY way USD $25.00
Ascended Masters Attunement Access to 13 Masters USD $95.00
Break Free Deep Clearing Reiki Clear your blocks USD $25.00
Empath Protection Activation & Clearing Clear your energy field USD $30.00
Fearless Reiki Clear your fears USD $25.00
Gabriels Financial Empowerment Money flow with the Angel USD $15.00
Gold Silver Violet Flame Reiki Alignment magic USD $15.00
Life Path Empowerment Step Into Your Life Purpose USD $15.00
Light Of Lemuria Remember your heritage USD $25.00
Lunar Balance Energy System Better your relationship with the moon USD $30.00
Parental Pattern Flush Clear your parental blocks USD $30.00
Phoenix Rising Reiki Reset and Rebirth USD $25.00
Punishment Flush Clear your fears USD $30.00
Sapphires of Angels Angelic support USD $25.00
Self Love Reiki Healing Around Self-Love USD $25.00
Shamanic Soul Retrieval Reiki Reintegrate your soul USD $25.00
Soulmate Reiki Attunement Calling in your soulmate USD $25.00
The Acceptance Flush Empowerment Releasing and Accepting What-Is USD $5.00
Toxic Family Shield Attunement Clearing Toxic Energy USD $25.00
Transparency Reiki Open Your Ability to be Transparent USD $15.00
Yellow Tara Attunement Calling in Wealth and Compassion USD $25.00
Usui Reiki Level 1 Self-Healing USD $25.00
Usui Reiki Level 2 Hands-On & Distant Reiki for Others USD $35.00
Usui Reiki Level 3 (Master/Teacher) Ability to Attune Others USD $65.00
Loving Hearts Attunement Open Your Heart for Love USD $15.00
Celestial Golden Chi Practitioner Level coming soon
Celestial Golden Chi Vibrational Master-Level coming soon
The Celestial Chakra Activation Level 1 coming soon
The Celestial Chakra Activation Level 2 coming soon
The Celestial Light Body Activation coming soon
The Celestial Starseed Activation coming soon