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Your struggles are your blessings in disguise. If you feel you have been through more hell than most, do know it’s a definite sign that your purpose here is greater than most. I can shift your vibration and create a huge difference in your life by helping you identify the core beliefs that hold you back. Together, we energetically clear it, then I help you tap into your own divine guidance to take action.

Hey there, I’m Kavita your Personal Truth Alchemist and Manifestation Genie! I’m obsessed with personal growth and using my divine potential to create a life of peace, harmony, love and fulfillment.

I help women like you connect to your inner guidance, and take aligned action rooted in your truth, to manifest your goals with accelerated speed.

Create a life you truly your desire from the inside out. I’m here to help you connect you to your core blue-print and together we can shine and create heaven on earth, here and now!

My Story, My Message

Since in my early childhood, I’ve always been on a quest to figure out how the world really works. An obsession really. You know – The God Factor in everything. I have come to believe that the systems that man has created has done more harm than good as it really separated us from our true selves. It made us forget that we are not separate beings but extensions of the One Source Energy.

God has given us three gifts: Free-Will, Intuition and our built-in compass – our emotional guidance system.

We get to be the Creators of our own lives. We can do what we please, whenever we want to. Our intuition is our constant connection to Source. This helps us with just the next step. It’s our guidance system that tells us when we off course from what we intended to do when taking birth into this body. This role.

I grew up seeing my parents struggle. I tried to cushion their pain by absorbing it. I tried to make the people around me be more kind to each other by showing them what that looks like. Everyone feels threatened when I see and respond to things from my Highest Self. People could not understand the joy I emitted and tried to hold me as an object of their affection. And in my darkest hour I found that I could rely on God, to be there for me.

And when all was well again, I promptly forgot about Him. Or maybe it was my Ego. I’ve tried to create my life all on my own. And trust me that was no fun. No fun at all! After childhood abuse, being stalked as a teenager, becoming a teenage workaholic – doing 4 simultaneous honest jobs just to pay the bills and put food on the table because my mom was struggling to stay alive with cancer and my dad in grief over his failing health and current state of affairs. Concurrent to all the haphazardness in my life, I also begin meditating at 16 years of age. It helped me tremendously in coping with the death of both of my parents.

One day, while I was mulling on some minor thing on my computer, I had an intense mystical experience with my dad from the after-life. I was able to instantaneously experience his message to me. It was crystal clear as he showed me why he made certain life choices and I felt huge chunks of weight fell off my shoulder. I finally got what we were supposed to teach each other in our life-time together! His mission was accomplished with me, and so We were able to close that story gracefully. I came to the conclusion that I could choose to grow and expand via pain or with love.

Now I know better. I choose love.

I have since created a wonderful life having attracted my soul-mate, two beautiful children and the freedom to spend my days doing what I love, with the people who adore me. I’ve realized how wonderful it is to create a life from the inside-out! I won’t lie, everything is not perfect all the time – if it was, then it meant I am stuck or dead! Haha!

But, I can tell you this, I get better and better at manifesting as I keep upgrading my mentality. My life.

“So, what is your superpower again?”, you ask.

I intuitively pick up your current vibrational energy via symbolism and interpret them though divine guidance and my divine team (angels, guides and ascended masters). I am also an awesome Coach at helping you to clear your subconscious blocks. I can help you shift your reality by living from your place of truth so that action and manifestation becomes child’s play.

Connect with me for a FREE clarity call or for FREE daily intuitive guidance.



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  1. Kavitaaa, I am not surprised at your website. I always knew that you have a deep spiritual connection hence the beautiful soul you are. Hope that your intention to change the mindsets of women is fulfilled. I too struggle with my mindset lately but Im optimistic that my relationship with God strengthening my inside will have a marvellous and rewarding impact on the outside. God Bless.

    1. Thank you Grace! You have always been a blessing in my life! Thank you for always being an amazing mentor, friend and everything else that you have played in my life. 🙏😍💞

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